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Help us give the gift of water

What We Do
What We Do

Well Constructed is a 501(c)3 registered charity, that aims to enable community development by providing clean drinking water to as many people as possible.​

Well Constructed partners with local communities and contractors to build wells and establish well maintenance programs in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

Well Constructed Fundraising

Generous donors and volunteers make our work possible.

Well Constructed Community Selection
Community Selection​

Identify communities in need of clean water.

Well Constructed Community Engagement
Community Engagement 

Establish an association of leaders to manage the ongoing operations of the wells.  

Well Construction and Testing
Well Construction & Testing

Construct the well and perform tests to ensure the water quality is suitable for drinking.  

Well Constructed Community Empowerment
Community Empowerment

Community spends less time sick or fetching water, and more time educating their young people, farming, and building businesses.  

Our impact


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Help bring safe water to Ghana
Every donation makes an impact

Less than $10 - Provides clean water to one person in need.

$100 - Provides clean water to more than 10 children, enabling them to be in class longer, without having to walk miles to fetch water.

$4,000 - Builds a well that can support a community of 250 to 1,500 people for years to come.

*Amazon will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of items you buy. That adds up quick!

Where does the money go?
  • 100% of your funds go directly to support our programs.

  • A well costs us $4,000 to build. Comparatively, organizations in rural Sub-Saharan Africa often pay anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000+ for similar wells.

  • Well Constructed Financial History

How do we keep the cost so low?
  • Operational costs are covered by the Board Members of Well Constructed.

  • Local relationships.  Rashed has built wells in this region for over 10 years and has an excellent network of reliable local contractors.  Our contractors share our vision for improving the conditions of their community.  

  • Contract wells in bulk with local contractors, and pay with American currency.  This mitigates risk for our contractors, who in turn are able to give a better price.  

Our Story

Growing up in the Upper East Region of Ghana, Rashed Anaba dreamed not only of having clean water, but to bring sustained access to clean water to the people of his community and beyond. After his father passed away during his youth, Rashed dropped out of school to provide for his family and enable his younger brothers to continue their education. Eventually, he started a small tourism business, and used that business to build connections to people outside Ghana with the means to fund the water wells that he envisioned. 


Well Constructed was founded in 2015. With the help of many friends, donors, and volunteers in Ghana and abroad, Well Constructed has completed over 300 projects, providing more than 180,000 people with sources of potable drinking water!  


We hope that you’ll join the Well Constructed community by providing financial assistance, sharing our website and vision, and offering any advice you have. 

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